Welcome to our Secure Electronic Transfer (SET) Certificate Service for HMRC


HMRC has announced that digital certificates for the SET service will not be required after 31st July 2017 but has advised that customers should ensure that they hold valid certificates up to that point.

Unfortunately, we can only manufacture SET certificates with a 1 year validity period, which will mean that new or recently renewed certificates will expire some time after 31st July 2017. Trustis is not planning to revoke active certificates, so they will remain fully functional until their expiry date. This will allow our customers some contingency should there be any delay in the launch of HMRC's new system, SDES Gateway Replacement.

All Trustis SET certificates are approved for use with HMRC SET Service and are issued from our tScheme™ approved and ISO27001 accredited Certificate Factory™. HMRC SET certificates should be produced to defined HMG standards and you will require two of them: one will be used for digital signing and one for encryption.

HMRC specifies the details of your encrypted interaction with them and you must ensure your applications and procedures for generating key pairs and protecting private keys comply fully with their requirements. This information is provided directly from HMRC in the SET information pack.

In addition to completing the online application, we will require certain organisational and personal identity evidence to be provided. The time to process your request and issue certificates is largely dependent upon how quickly your organisation can provide the relevant information.


HMRC 1 Year SET Certificate Subscription for Encryption £175 + VAT
HMRC 1 Year SET Certificate Subscription for Signing £175 + VAT
Total purchase order value £350 + VAT


You can pay for your certificates either by Credit Card or you may submit a valid company Purchase Order. Details for the payment option you choose will be outlined during the application process.



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